Workshops - Fundamentals

Genesys Cloud CX Outbound Campaigns

2 hours

Help G Freight add outbound capabilities to their Genesys Cloud CX environment to increase their sales and improve the communication they have with their existing customer base

Genesys Cloud CX Intro To Architect

2 hours

An introductory course into the Genesys Cloud CX Architect tool. You will get an understanding of key concepts, capabilities, and build your first inbound flow.

Intro to Predictive Engagement

2 hours

A self-guided course that covers the basic knowledge needed to understand and explain “What is Predictive Engagement?” and how it will impact customer and agent experience.

Genesys Dialog Engine Build a Bot

2 hours

Learn how to Build a Bot using Genesys Dialog Engine!

Genesys Cloud CX™️ Channel Setup

4 hours

Learn how to setup & configure Genesys Cloud CX™️