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With this knowledge you should be ready to move into resources with multiple dependencies, add additional orgs to the build and DEPLOY THE WORLD! With the knowledge you have gained from this workshop, we will be moving forward into future workshops with the foundations to begin building your CI/CD pipeline. To get an idea of what the power of CX code is, please watch the video below provided by our development team where we discuss CX as Code and its applications.

As you get ready to delve further into CX as code and the previously mentioned Remote Modules, you can find a detailed breakdown and explanation Here

A Preview of CX as Code by John Carnell, Manager of Genesys CX Developer Engagement

You can also visit our public Github Blueprint Repository for various CX as Code blueprints to begin dabbling in more advanced functions like CX as Code and Archy.

Following this workshop, we will move into more depth on CX as Code for cases incorporating data actions, architect flows and provisioning Oauth Clients utilizing tools like Postman.

Thanks for taking the time to complete this workshop! If you have any further questions please reach out to