Cloning down a Repository

GitHub Hosting Tools for CX as Code

Below we will be using Github as a repository hosting provider in order to not only host but pull down or share previously developed blueprints for different use cases as found on the Genesys Developer Center.

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. If this is your first time working with Github, we will move through the link below together on some of the basic terminology, use of Github and scenarios of why Github is useful for you and your team.

Getting Started with Github

Clone Your Repository

Here, we will walk through how to clone your Terraform repository from the provided GitHub repo here

To start, there are two ways to clone down your repository. The first is to fork the repository and the second is to clone the repository directly. Here, we reccomend forking the repository first, then cloning it down to your machine within VS Code.

You will notice within Github, there a button to fork the repository to your github account on the top right side:


Once you have selected fork, you will be brought to a page where you can select where you would like your repository to reside within GitHub and create your forked repository


Great Job! You’ve now forked the repository. Now its time to clone it to your local machine to start working with the resources provided. Before doing so, ensure you have your file open within GITHub and have properly configured your machine for use with GIThub, terraform, and VScode. Once you’re ready, we start by copying the HTTPS link found under the code button in GitHub as shown below:


Now, we go to VS code where you have opened the file your repo will live within your local machine. Within VS Code, we open a new terminal to run the command “GIT Clone” to pull the repository to your local machine as seen below:


With the terminal now open we will run the following command:


And there you go! You have now successfully cloned down a repository to your local machine to start working on your first terraform scripts. In the next module, we will work through some example terraform scripts getting started with the basics of creating your pipeline of code for configuring your Genesys CX deployments