Genesys CX as Code Workshop


The goal of the workshop is to introduce the newest tool to the Genesys Cloud developer ecosystem. In this workshop, we will be configuring and executing resources sourced from the Genesys Terraform Registry.

CX as Code is primarily used as a tool to easily and efficiently manage multiple deployments of Genesys CX for configuration and changes. Effectively, utilizing CX as code would allow the development of a CI/CD pipeline and utilize a DevOps methodology in the administration and deployment of multiple organizations globally.

The CX as code leverages a DevOps methodology to allow changes and configurations to be rapidly deployed to orgs in a matter of seconds, rather than making individual changes within each org bringing another level of efficiency to your organization.

This course will cover getting started with the basic concepts of CX as code introducing you to the various tools at your disposal such as terraform, IDE’s (VS Code), and Oauth at a ground level. This course is expected to take 4 hours or less.

Once you have successfully completed this course, you will have the foundations to move on in building your own CI/CD pipeline!