In this workshop, you will learn how to build a working bot that can be deployed through voice or chat. This specific workshop will cover the native Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows. With Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows, you are able to build bots within Architect and integrate them into Architect call, chat, and message flows. This process unifies the bot and flow authoring experience for administrators, flow authors, and contact center managers. For more information, please visit our Resource Center


  • Genesys Cloud CX Dev Lab Setup

  • Architect Flow: The Basics (yet to be completed)

  • Enable Dialog Engine Bot Flows (Genesys Cloud Admin tab> Genesys Add ons> Enable)

  • TTS- Dialog Engine Bot flows does not support the native Genesys TTS that is included with Genesys Cloud. You will need to either add a 3rd party TTS like Google TTS or contact PM to enable Genesys Enhanced TTS in your dev org

  • Each attendee must have access to Architect Inbound flows and Dialog Engine Bot Flows

  • Users must have proper permissions for Architect and Dialog Engine Bot Flows

  • Users must enable the Analytics> botFlowReportingTurn> View permission to support “Utterance History” in Dialog Engine Bot Flows

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